Sep 30, 2010

Our old stomping ground

Its been a while since I've posted anything, but after hearing this news it was a must for this blog!

If you don't know already, Attebury Street Rods used to operate out of a very small shop in Morgan Hill, CA, when we used to live in San Jose. I loved Morgan Hill, it was a small town (that now has grown rapidly) but still holds onto that homey feeling. It's a popular location for families because of the short commute into the Silicon Valley. But even though the town has grown from farms and fields to business buildings and shopping centers, it still knows how to recognize its roots and bring the town together.

Among many of the small town celebrations the town puts on every year, one is The Taste of Morgan Hill. A street festival down town with what else, food and wine! But like the article below says, its grown and so has the car show that coincides with the weekend event.

This year Gary Thompson of Gilroy, entered his '37 Coupe and took home the Showcase Trophy on Sunday! This car has seen its day in the lights like here, but I'm sure there's more to come for Gary and his beauty! The coupe is clearly an eye catcher with the black and dark candy apple red flames, but like Mark Reuter says in the article it is "subtle and clean," and that is probably another reason it gets attention.

The '37 Coupe also made it on the front page of the local newspaper and the website of the Morgan Hill Times.

Congrats again to Gary! And as I finish this post, I'm actually leaving for a weekend trip to Morgan Hill to visit family, its been a while. Can't wait to wake up and smell the garlic again...

Here's the picture from the newspaper