Mar 18, 2011

These were the good old days

Robin was looking for an old email and came across this gem of an email she never saw before! Fred Gunton was nice enough to forward us some AWESOME pictures from the 70's of Ron and his dragsters! We absolutely LOVE looking, finding and reminiscing over old pictures of the good old days!

Can't thank you enough Fred!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The Nationals (of some kind, does anyone know?)  Both Ron Attebury and Shirley Muldowney being pushed back....I wonder who won?

See Ron up in smoke at Ontario, CA? The car that Shirley is driving there is the same car Ron built for her. And that SAME car has been resurrected and is premiering at the March Meet in Bakersfield this weekend!

Ron's top fueler at Washington in 1977

Ron Attebury and Gary Ritter at the Camden Avenue Shop in Campbell, CA

Ron's brother, Raymond Attebury, strapping Ron in, around the early 70's. This was the first car.

A younger, skinnier, and hairier version of Ron Attebury!