Aug 30, 2011

First video, Speed Week 2011

Thanks to our new Australian friends we were able to get an on-board camera in the car this year, thanks Troy for sharing your technology! A little long, but enjoy.

Speed Week 2011 Pictures

Please stay tuned for a description of the car improvements and race results. In the mean time please enjoy the pictures from Speed Week 2011!

You can also view the web album here, or click on each picture if you want to enlarge it.

We're here and off to work!
Passing tech again 

Jack and his jokes 

It got a nose job over the off season  
Shop apprentice hard at work 

Ron built this streamliner about 20 years ago, and now it's on its way to Australia 


New paint scheme 
Notice the body change?  

 Duck tape fixes all

Press from Japan 

See ya! 

The actual prop for "The Fastest Indian" 
B's helping and inspecting 

Storm's coming! 

Smile = Good Run 

Storm came! 

Third times a charm 
John the Australian engineer, and Carl the American engineer, wonder what those two minds could think up?  
Ladies cooking breakfast 

Too true!  
Jack's car that is on this years event poster and shirts 
Press from Australia interviewing Ron 
Something went missing...on purpose of course 

New additions and more dick tape! 

Wow, that was a long week, I'm pooped, lets go home

Loading up 
Thanks to all for a successful Speed Week 2011!!! All the hard work paid off this year. We'll be back to get that record in 2012, see you then!